Do you really know your customer?


You have data, but is it relevant?

ProtivixMost retailers understand the power of data. “Data is the New Oil,” we keep hearing. It is currency for retail marketers and the basic building block for understanding your customer. Retailers are collecting huge amounts of data, but what exactly are they collecting? And, is it relevant? Many retailers are tracking their customers omni-channel journey, but cannot always identify which of those experiences had the most influence in the decision-making process. It is not uncommon for retailers to spend money on a “hunch” of what matters most to their customer. Those hunches are then used in decision-making and can sometimes be costly and inaccurate.

Now, imagine understanding the emotions and motives for a purchase rather than just the historical context. Retailers should be focused on “intent data” and “emotional motivators” in order to get a holistic view of their customers. Emotionally connected customers are more valuable, more loyal, and more likely to sing your praises to others.

Let Protivix help you identify and collect your customers’ emotional motivators and increase customer loyalty and revenue.

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