Business Intelligence Solutions

It isn’t always easy to decide on the best Business Intelligence Solutions (BI) for your organization. Are there products or tools available to address your specific needs? Are there best practices to gather and analyze data to improve the decision-making process?

Protivix will work with you to define your BI requirements and outline your BI technology strategy. We’ll customize your roadmap to success and support you every step of the way with Microsoft Power BI, a cloud-based business analytics service. Power BI capabilities include enterprise data warehouse (EDW) solutions, BI dashboards and reports, and Excel-based reporting.

Power BI

Characterized as the “business of business intelligence,” Power BI is a collection of online services and features to visualize data, share information and collaborate with others. It helps users explore data in intuitive ways with innovative tools. Protivix shows companies how to use Power BI to their advantage.


An EDW solution allows organizations to store their business information in one place. Protivix helps companies customize EDW capabilities, recognizing the value of this central repository of information for data analysis and business planning.

Dashboard and Reports

With Power BI, users can create interactive dashboards displaying data from different data sources. This powerful feature keeps company leaders informed about what’s most important about their business. Protivix helps clients discover new methods to share data and create reports.

Excel Based Reporting

Power BI works with Excel, so building interactive reports becomes a seamless experience. Users benefit from the familiarity of Excel to generate a self-service analytics solution, and Protivix supports users as they navigate this new experience.

Business intelligence insights offered through Power BI and Protivix can make companies more productive and competitive. As a trusted resource for technology strategy development including BI solutions, Protivix knows how to get the results you expect.

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