Project Service Automation

Strengthen Contract Experiences and Optimize
Growth Through Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation (PSA) is an Extension of Dynamics 365
Designed to Address the Following Top Five Challenges

Sales Cycle

Sales cycles require more efficiency than ever and require a great deal of customer interaction when developing proposals or quotes for customers demanding an array of services.

Services, Sourcing & Vendor Selection Process

Organizations have challenges managing the selection process for RFP’s, Statements of Work, Proposals, and Quotes.

Converting Opportunities
Into Projects

The transition from quoted work agreements to a workable timeline and execution strategy is often a disjointed process. This requires a much better conduit from quote to execution in order to progress efficiently.

Resource Availability & Allocations

Matching resource specific elements of the project to people with the proper skill sets and availability increases the utilization/efficiencies of resources.

Project Management & Costs

Lack of visibility to the financial performance (e.g. profitability) of a project could lead to overspending, budgeting issues, and even project setbacks. Visibility to costs (e.g. labor and expense), revenue, and tasks status allows for the appropriate insight into the performance of a project and improved service delivery.


Protivix Leverages Core Dynamic 365 Expertise to Transform
Customer's Sales Management and Service Delivery Process

The Protivix Project Service Solution Integrates the Customer Experience Across
All Project Related Function Using
Dynamics 365 and Project Service Automation

Opportunity Management

Streamlines the process of creating, tracking and approving multiple quotes (RFP’s or Proposals) consequently reducing the sales cycle.

Opportunity Conversion

Integrates the process from a quote to project schedule reducing the time for a project to be spun up. Ensures the scope of quote is reflected in the project schedule.

Resource Management

Allows you to form a project team by sorting resources according to skills and availability before they are assigned. Maintains skills and skill proficiency repository helping to keep all user skill levels sharp and up to date.

Project Tasks & Schedules

Utilizes standardized project templates when creating schedules. It also allows novice users to create and assign tasks empowering organizations to manage the project.

Time Reporting & Expenses

Tracks and tie expenses to each individual project. With PSA managing expenses and time, the approval process is simple and efficient. Users are able to submit expenses and time from anywhere.

Billing & Invoicing

With all time and expenses entered through PSA, billings are accurate and payments are timely. Preparing invoices can be performed from any location.  Adjustments per project, even assign different rates based on labor and materials are possible.


Allows users and resources to collaborate with project documents from one central location.


PSA is complete with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track key metrics on project performance and opportunity profitability easily. Reports are also available on quotes, contracts, actual transactions, and much more.


Organizations often require integration to their ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Through an integration layer, PSA can communicate seamlessly with the ERP as well as with CRM.

Protivix Project Service Solution

Customers Who are Looking to Improve Their Project Service Approach Consistently Seek Assistance in These Areas:

Quote and Assessment

A comprehensive approach to identifying the quote/proposal process by interviews and analytics to provide a detailed roadmap of organizational change, processes, and tools.


Connect your quotes/billing information data in Dynamics 365 to your ERP, BI Warehouse, and other enterprise applications to have a seamless flow of data.


Roll out the solution seamlessly to all parties ensuring the data migrated to and captured within Dynamics 365 supports the analytics to address the challenges identified.


Enhance solution analytics reports for sales, marketing, and service teams with real-time reporting dashboards on any device.


Prepare business users with processes, tools, and analytics used in operations and decision making. Provide training material and facilitate training sessions to business users regarding the business processes and workflow (including “Tips and Tricks”).

Why Protivix?

With Protivix deep expertise with Customer Engagements and Service Delivery specific to Dynamics 365 plus our extensive knowledge with PPM we are naturally able to provide customers with the appropriate roadmap to fully utilize PSA whether is used for external or internal service providers.  We have delivered countless solutions for PPM clients and have extensive experience.  Since PSA is now an extension of Dynamics 365, we have the experience on all phases of the project life cycle (Customer/Sales Engagements and Service Delivery).