Project Portfolio Management

As organizations and departments take on more work and manage additional strategic business initiatives, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions are critical for effective project planning and execution. Protivix recognizes three major challenges across most industries:

  • The ability to prioritize initiatives and align them with a company’s business strategy
  • Enterprise-wide resource capacity planning
  • Portfolio or project reporting

A PPM thought leader, Protivix provides a holistic approach to addressing these challenges. We’ll work with your management team to put together solutions with capabilities phased in over time, and we can also support many of your tactical needs around project management. Working together, we’ll deliver your next project or strategic initiative on time and within budget.
Protivix is ready to help you with these PPM processes:

Demand Management

A reliable demand management process can maximize an organization’s return on investment (ROI). Protivix supports companies by offering specialized demand management solutions to capture, evaluate and prioritize proposed projects aligned with corporate strategy. Workflow review and approval, and project request tracking, are part of the demand management solution.

Portfolio Prioritization

Protivix helps clients with portfolio prioritization to facilitate alignment with business goals and objectives. By developing a platform to organize initiatives based on business drivers, the portfolio prioritization process helps ensure that criteria for portfolio selection are consistent and visible, and optimizes the use of resources to adapt to strategic change.

Portfolio Management

A centralized portfolio management process helps organizations balance projects and programs to meet strategic goals. Protivix uses a proven approach and best practices to help companies identify, prioritize, authorize, manage, and control projects and programs. The right portfolio management solution can turn business strategies into business successes.

Project Management

Project management is a strategic competency for organizations. Protivix helps customers implement successful project management solutions to accomplish projects effectively and efficiently. Delivering projects on schedule and on budget is the desired outcome.

Project Scheduling Techniques

Project planning includes project scheduling, the tool to show progress and provide project updates to stakeholders. Protivix coaches and educates managers and project managers on various structured scheduling techniques, to ensure your schedules provide the proper reporting at the project, phase and task level.

Enterprise Resource Management and Capacity Planning

Managing the entire business organization to gain efficiencies or reduce costs is the function of enterprise resource management and capacity planning solutions. Working with companies to develop these customized solutions, Protivix offers valuable insights on how to coordinate projects across the organization, and how to evaluate resource availability compared to demand.

Project Collaboration

Sharing critical project information across the enterprise in a timely manner is a business priority. Protivix helps organizations establish procedures and site templates for team collaboration.

Portfolio and Project Reporting

Protivix works with companies to help them manage portfolio and project reporting tasks. Updating each project on a regular basis identifies progress and highlights any key variances; individual projects then roll up into portfolio reports. This process allows an organization to validate and forecast future activities.

By applying Protivix’s PPM solutions, our customers have realized substantial business process improvements, enhancing overall project performance and execution efforts. Implementing solution capabilities over time is a Protivix-proven approach to help move an organization forward, reinforcing adoption of the new PPM capabilities.

Protivix PPM benefits include:

  • A reduction in project delays with a more nimble, improved project management system
  • More effective resource capacity planning abilities, decreasing the “reactive” need for resources
  • Less management time required to handle reporting responsibilities

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