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Optimizing customer touchpoints is essential to improve your Dynamics CRM Solutions, loyalty leading to sales. Whether it’s picking up a customer conversation from a marketing message, to a customer service call, or meeting with a sales professional, an organization can benefit from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Robust CRM capabilities help maintain a company’s customer base, support information tracking and sharing, and make customer interactions easy and productive. CRM helps organizations grow and thrive.

As a trusted business solutions thought leader, Protivix works with executives and managers to streamline CRM processes. Protivix trains and coaches team members, deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve sales, customer service, and marketing insights and execution. We’ll take the time to understand your business goals, work with you to create a roadmap for success, and help you implement Dynamics CRM to fully leverage its out-of-the-box capabilities now and into the future.  Protivix CRM solutions support these business processes:

Call Center Management

An organization’s call center is a key customer touchpoint, and call center management is an important part of an overall CRM strategy. Call center efficiency — reducing call times by quickly identifying the customer and tracking their request — is a priority. Optimizing contact information to capture accurate demographics is also a primary concern. Protivix helps businesses maximize their call center effectiveness.

Sales Management

In the office or out on the road, staying connected is the way to drive sales. Protivix offers the solutions and support you need to access all your contacts, leads and opportunities — no matter where you are. Keeping in touch can help you close more deals.

Marketing Execution

Organizations develop marketing campaigns to meet business goals and maximize profits. Protivix works with clients to manage CRM initiatives including campaign planning, executing, tracking and analyzing campaigns across multiple channels. Tracking visitors and ROI, creating rule-based campaigns through campaign automation, and collecting data for leads and contact behavioral analysis are indispensable CRM tools.

Social Listening

Tuning in to the social web helps companies monitor and analyze what customers and potential customers are saying on social media. Companies appreciate Protivix’s knowledge of social media to leverage their social investment, track feedback, discern trends and modify messaging.

Marketing BI Reporting

Business intelligence (BI), particularly marketing BI reporting tools such as dashboards and reports, can improve business performance. Protivix works with companies to help them understand and use BI reporting resources to increase market share. We recognize the value of exceptional tools like these to help businesses gain a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Protivix clients who have implemented Protivix’s CRM solutions have seen real benefits:

  • Reduced call time for customer interactions
  • More value-added customer touchpoints, beyond a 360-degree customer view
  • Improved marketing results while reducing spend
  • Enhanced understanding of customer buying patterns

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