Project Management Solutions
for Healthcare

Project Online Empowers Businesses to Address these Top
Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Industry

Standardization and Rationalization of Business Processes and Technology

Acquisition and divestiture activities have left many healthcare organizations with inconsistent processes and application portfolios which are redundant and unoptimized. These inefficiencies can result in substantial cost penalties, low service levels and poor customer service. Technology and business process rationalization efforts are essential elements of healthcare companies’ efforts to improve operational effectiveness, customer service and cost reduction.

Healthcare Electronic Health Records Implementation, Replacement or Standardization

Implementation of electronic health records (EHR) solutions is necessary for hospitals, doctors, nurses and patients to manage critical health history information in a secure environment. Implementing these solutions requires a strong emphasis on project management excellence to ensure on time delivery while adhering to regulatory requirements. In addition to EHR solutions, recent trends have been to consolidate, replace, or standardize systems (ICD-10, HL7) within organizations which have grown through mergers and/or acquisitions.

Healthcare Security and Confidentiality

Robust security is necessary to achieve regulatory and legal requirements (e.g. HIPPA, FDA). Building security into all projects is a critical task of project management and the healthcare regulatory groups supporting 21 CFR sections. In addition, security audits are essential to ensure that FDA regulatory compliance is maintained. Program projects validating compliance are necessary to ensure all steps are achieved.

Merger & Acquisition, New Business Standup Activities

Healthcare industry is consistently involved in M&A and divestiture activities. M&As are managed by playbooks defining the steps associated with due diligence, 100-day plans, end state integration, benefits realization and divestiture. Consistent playbook execution, with repeatable steps, is essential to ensure key steps are not missed when managing acquisitions or divestitures. Tools for managing and securely storing M&A documents should be a required part of the solution.  

Digital Patient Engagement

Patients are demanding a more inclusive, interactive and personalized patient experience when interacting with healthcare institutions. Patients expect to be able to access diagnostic, historical and interact with their health care providers using a multitude of medium. They expectation is that healthcare data and provisioning will be pushed to them.

Analytics and Big Data Management

A challenge many companies face is that “they have a lot of data but not a lot of knowledge”. Data is often stored in multiple systems which leads to incomplete analysis resulting in an unreliable source for actionable insight. Analytics and big data solutions provide tremendous opportunities for combining patient, third party and other entities’ data into a single source of truth system which permits knowledge driving insights that can help healthcare providers optimize or grow their businesses.

Protivix helps Healthcare companies
manage, resource and report on mission critical projects
that improve the customer experience.

Protivix Healthcare Solutions

Protivix Business Solutions’ Healthcare industry practice is focused on architecting and delivering Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions which address the key challenges and opportunities impacting the healthcare industry today. The degree of change facing providers is unprecedented. Protivix utilizes the entire Microsoft PPM stack to deliver valuable solutions that address key industry challenges.

Healthcare PMO Excellence Solutions

Protivix Healthcare PMO Excellence solutions are focused on establishing an enterprise PMO capability within a healthcare organization driving project management excellence. Healthcare companies must be able to deliver projects on time, on budget with a high degree of quality while adhering to regulatory requirements.  The healthcare project management disciplines can be used on an assortment of project types including:

  • Governance
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • IT PPM activities
  • Process & technology rationalization

EHR Program Management

Implementation of Electronic Health Records solutions is complex given the number of stakeholders (patients, doctors, administrators etc.), requirements for ease of use, regulatory restrictions and cutover / migrations complexity. In many cases, projects can involve EHR system consolidations, replacement etc. Managing complex EHR programs places a premium on project management excellence. Protivix EHR solutions support:  

  • Critical path analysis
  • Reporting
  • Oversight and governance
  • 21CFR compliance

Standardization and Rationalization of Business Processes and Technology

Healthcare organizations are facing industry pressures to reconfigure their delivery models to be more customer focused. This trend has resulted in merger & acquisition activity, investments in new healthcare delivery models, partnerships and vertical / horizontal integrations. The result of these organizational trends is that healthcare companies have a portfolio of dissimilar technologies and business processes. Within a single organization, there can be multiple groups doing the same activity using different processes and technologies.

PPM solutions can be used to manage projects addressing this including:

  • Portfolio governance
  • Application rationalization
  • Resource management

Organizational Change Management and Training, Driving Adoption

The growing trend for Healthcare organizations to be more customer focused has resulted in increasing change and churn of human resources. Managing this churn requires a focus on organizational change management and training.

Protivix PPM solutions can be used to manage the execution of:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational alignment
  • Training creation
  • Training delivery

New Construction Deployments

Healthcare organizations industry pressures to be more customer focused extends to new construction. Healthcare companies are building new facilities and locations to address these pressures. Protivix PPM solutions can be used to manage the construction of new healthcare facilities which support current and future customer needs.

Analytics and Big Data management

The new customer centric-focus of the Healthcare industry means that better decisions are critical for providers to be remain competitive. Analytics and Big Data initiatives are becoming more common in the industry.  Combing data into a single view which enables actionable analysis is critical to drive customer focus, expand channels, and provide the information demanded by today’s users.

Protivix Power BI and Analytics solutions provides critical healthcare analytics and meets today’s big data needs to provide key insights.  

Why Protivix?

With Protivix Healthcare solutions, Healthcare providers can benefit from years of experience in designing and delivering project management excellence in healthcare. Our team is familiar with the healthcare industry, it challenges and direction. Our experience with business, strategy, technology and integration – challenges organizations face – has us prepared to address your challenges too. We have designed and implemented portfolio and program management (PPM) solutions which focus on ease of use, enhance organizational performance, execution excellence and enhance the patient experience.