Resource Planning Management

All organizations and departments, especially in IT, are trying to determine if they have enough or the right resources to executive on their portfolio of initiatives. Most are spending 20 to 40 percent of their manager’s time manually consolidating information on planned actives and utilization of staff. We found this approach to be not only time consuming, but inaccurate.

Protivix implements Resource Planning Management solutions, processes and provides training to your resource managers, project and portfolio managers on how to properly create resource plans and evaluate those against the current commitments of your teams.

Key solution components include:

  • Resource planning for projects and portfolios
  • Resource capacity planning with what if scenarios
  • Real-time resource utilization reporting
  • Executive level reports for company planning

Protivix, an industry expert, can help you quickly implement a resource management strategy that will provide accurate, real-time, and quantifiable information that you can use to make decisions and get the head count you need.

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