Dynamics 365 Retail

Address Top Retail Challenges
with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Empowers Businesses to Address these Top
Challenges Faced by the Retail Industry

The Omni-Channel Dilemma

With Dynamics 365, organizations can store and manage customer data – including contact information for clients such as name, email, address, and more – from one centralized location, providing a unified view across all channels. This feature enables quicker decisions in marketing and customer interaction.

The Evolving Customer Profile

Dynamics 365 lets organizations log every customer touchpoint. Retailers can maintain and keep up with constantly changing customer profiles, and differentiate marketing to the multi-generational customer base. By gathering unique information per customer, Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers marketing to target and segment customers based on their profile.

Customer Acquisition

Today, e-commerce continues to grow. Retail companies rely on multiple channels such as e-commerce, mobile apps, and social media to acquire and retain customers. Capturing users’ attributes from multiple channels is essential for marketing as organizations deliver added value to customers through customer service and customer programs.

Fulfillment and Sourcing

As sourcing strategies within the supply chain become more challenging, relationships with suppliers may shift. Through Dynamics 365, an organization can maintain its supplier database, manage the acquisition process (converting a candidate to an actual supplier), and continue to monitor and manage the relationship.

Protivix Helps Retailers Transform, Identify, and
Target their "Real" Customers

The Protivix Retail Solutions with Dynamics 365 Help Retailers
Improve Their Customer Experience and Maximize Sales

Sales Performance

Improves sales by identifying opportunities based on customer behavior. Through logging customer touchpoints in Dynamics 365, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased sales.

Marketing Automation

Allows marketers to manage multiple channels, including email campaigns, social media, and digital advertising. With Dynamics 365 you can monitor brand mentions and engage with customers in real-time. Organizations can increase sales, improve customer services, and leverage customer relationships.

Customer Service

Provides a 360-degree customer view to improve client relationships, including all marketing and customer interactions to prepare sales and customer service representatives to be more successful in their up-sell and cross-sell activities.


Empowers sales, marketing, and service teams with real-time reporting dashboards. Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 facilitates building reports and KPIs by role to help each team successfully achieve their goals.

Protivix Retail Solutions

Protivix Retail Customers Consistently Seek Assistance in These Areas

Customer Assessment

Comprehensive approach to identify target customers by interviews, analytics, and use of algorithms to provide a detailed roadmap of processes and tools.

Customer Data Integration

Connect your customer data in Dynamics 365 to your eCommerce, POS, ERP, BI Warehouse, and other enterprise applications to have a seamless flow of customer data.


Roll out the solution seamlessly to all parties ensuring the customer data migrated to and captured within Dynamics 365 supports the analytics to address the challenges identified.


Enhanced solution analytics reports for sales, marketing, and service teams with real-time reporting dashboards on any device.


Prepare business users with processes, tools, and analytics used in operations and decision making. Provide training material and facilitate training sessions to business users regarding the business processes and workflow (including “Tips and Tricks”).

Why Protivix?

With Protivix’ Retail Solution, retailers can benefit from the ten plus years of retail experience. Our team is familiar with the retail industry, it challenges and direction. Our experience with business, strategy, technology and integration challenges organizations face has us prepared to address your challenges too. We’ve led companies to migrate more than 50 million customers to a CRM Solution, enhanced customer analysis and data accuracy, assisted organizations on store performance, and much more.