Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Customer Service Challenges Met
Head On by Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Platform Specifically Adresses Customer Service Needs

Omni-Channel Customer Support

Dynamics 365 enables organizations to have a centralized source of customer information providing a unified view across all channels.  Social media, the “media of today”, is also supported further expanding the view into the customer.  The end result is Customer Service is able to deliver a single unified client experience with strengthened customer interactions.

24/7 Customer Support

With Dynamics 365, an organization can support any market and any time zone.  Self-service via the web allows for submission and access to requests.  This feature enhances customer satisfaction and helps build – and convert – customer relationships.

Personalized Service

Dynamics 365 capabilities empower organizations to deliver exceptional customer service as a result of the access of the customer data, integration to different channels, automation, collaboration and peer-to-peer support.

Customer Engagement

Offering personalized service and customer insights, Dynamics 365 facilitates the customer engagement. It is designed to help organizations handle customer feedback with proactive customer service.   All interactions with a customer are available to the Customer Service Agent providing a historical reference and full context with their interactions.

Protivix Assists Customer Service Organizations in Putting
the "Customer First" in Customer Service

Protivix Customer Service Solutions with Dynamics 365 Assist
Customer Service Organizations to Improve Their Customer Experience


Empowers customer service agents with a single, unified experience to provide fast, complete customer service from their desktop or mobile device.  Provides access to the customer touchpoints whether they are service requests or marketing campaigns.


Personalized self-service options present consistent, up-to-date answers to customer questions and concerns, and a community experience for peer-to-peer support and direct interaction with subject matter experts.

Analytics & Reporting

Deep analytics and advanced visualizations offer Customer Service organizations actionable insights to continuously improve service metrics, earn loyalty and increase brand advocacy.

Protivix Customer Service Solutions

Protivix Customer Service Customers Consistently Seek Assistance in these Areas:

Customer Service Assessment

Comprehensive approach to identify “Customer Service” needs/challenges by interviews and analytics to provide a detailed roadmap of processes and tools.

Customer Data Integration

Connect your customer data in Dynamics 365 to Social Media, eCommerce, POS, ERP, BI Warehouse, and other enterprise applications to have a seamless flow of customer data.


Roll out the solution seamlessly to all parties ensuring the customer data migrated to and captured within Dynamics 365 supports the analytics to address the challenges identified.


Enhanced solution analytics reports for customer service organization with real-time reporting dashboards on any device.


Prepare business users with processes, tools, and analytics used in operations and decision making. Provide training material and facilitate training sessions to business users regarding the business processes and workflow (including “Tips and Tricks”).

Why Protivix?

 With Protivix’s Customer Service Solution, customer service organizations can benefit from the ten plus years of service experience.  We know how to put the “Customer First” in Customer Service.  Having the appropriate data, processes, and tools for the Customer Service agents translates into an improved customer experience.  Our experience with business, strategy, technology, and integration challenges organizations face has us prepared to address your challenges too.  We’ve led companies to migrate more than 50 million customers to a CRM Solution, enhanced customer analysis and data accuracy, improved customer service capabilities, and much more.