Passionate Customer

Are Your Retail Customers
Passionate or Merely

Customer satisfaction is no longer acceptable in Retail.

Satisfied retail customers are just as likely to shop with a retailer’s competitors as unsatisfied customers, so retailers now need to produce Passion-Worthy experiences and Passionate Loyalty.

Are you able to do this today?

Do you currently provide this:

A quality product or service
A reputable brand
An acceptable purchase experience

When you really need to provide this:

A unique and personalized product or service
A passion-worthy brand match
A remarkable customer experience

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Customer Experience

Successful retailers are those who offer a rich and relevant customer experience.

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Emotional Connectivity

The ability to connect with consumers on an emotional level is the competitive differentiator.

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Engineering Passion

Capturing your customers’ emotional drivers will create an exceptional, passion-worthy experience.


“Companies deploying emotional-connection-based strategies and metrics to design, prioritize, and measure the customer experience find that increasing customers’ emotional connection drives significant improvements in financial outcomes.”

– Harvard Business Review

How does my business Engineer Passion?

The Protivix Solution:

Customer Experience

Engineering experiences that are passion-worthy is a powerful differentiator. Identifying and capturing emotional motivators and personal profiles is a key component to creating relevant experiences and loyal customers.

Customer Centricity

Creating a holistic view of the customer enables retailers to focus on factors that drive sales, increase customer loyalty, improve employee efficiency, and allow easier decision making.

Insights and Actions

The driver for sales and brand loyalty is deep customer insights. Retailers need to act on those customer insights. This requires customer experience assessments and continuous analysis.

Organizational-Wide Commitment

Once deep customer insights are collected and sustainable methodologies are created, organizations need to commit to the new mindset. Ongoing education and continuous customer feedback loops are imperative for success.


A Trusted Retail Solutions Provider

The Protivix Retail Solution is based on over 10 years of retail experience. This solution allows retailers to have a complete view of the customer, increases productivity, and facilitates decision-making. Our team understands the retail industry, its challenges, and long-term vision. Our experience with business strategy, technology, and integration has prepared us to help you meet your specific challenges. We are pleased to partner with Microsoft utilizing the Dynamics 365 platform and look forward to helping you create passion-worthy experiences which drive sales, brand loyalty, and creates life-long customers.